Banned Olympic Gold Medalist: ‘Frequent and Passionate’ Kissing Responsible for Failed Drug Test

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

A month after testing positive for a banned substance in May, United States track athlete Gil Roberts had his name cleared of wrongdoing by the American Arbitration Association in June.

Now we know why the AAA ruled the way it did: some super-intense making out.

According to the USADA’s report, Roberts’ girlfriend Alex Salazar became ill with a sinus infection while on a March vacation with her family in India. The medicine she was given there, which she continued taking upon her return to the United States, contains the masking agent probenecid for which Roberts, who won gold in the 4x400M relay at the 2016 Olympics, had tested positive.

From the USADA’s report:

She arrived back in the United States on March 17 and continued to take the medicine. She saw Roberts soon thereafter, while she was still on the meds. Whenever they were together, they kissed frequently and passionately. Every time she took one of the capsules, she took it apart, poured the contents in her mouth, then swallowed the medicine with water. On March 24, 2017, the date of the drug test, Ms. Salazar arrived at Roberts’ apartment near noon; they kissed and “chilled out.” Around 1:00 or 1:30 pm, she went into the kitchen to take her medicine. She did not tell Roberts what she was doing and he did not see her take the medicine. She opened the capsule, poured the contents in her mouth, then washed it down with water. Shortly thereafter she found Roberts and started kissing him. Roberts could not count the number of times they kissed between 1:00 pm and the doping control officer’s arrival.

Nothing wrong with passionate kissing. Unless of course one of the parties isn’t interested.

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