This Music Video Is by Far the Weirdest LeBron James Tribute Ever Made

Bradley Whitaker
(Photo: OBSEV)

We all get excited when our team is performing well in the postseason. Sometimes it drives us to buy a jersey, make a cake with team colors or even spend massive amounts of money just to attend a high-profile sporting event. But very few people do what Cleveland Cavaliers fan Ben Ryan Metzger recently did after his team’s playoff run through the first three rounds.

Before the start of the NBA Finals, Metzger posted a music video on his YouTube channel with perhaps the most unusual tribute to LeBron James. I’m not even going to try to explain it. Just watch and enjoy:

First off, you have to appreciate the outfit choice. All different types of clothing and accessories that don’t go together, yet, somehow they do. I see suit pants, a black t-shirt, knee pads, a Texas-size belt buckle, tap dancing or dress shoes, bright red socks and wrist bands and, of course, straps to conceal the guns.

As for the song, when he called LeBron “humble,” he should have added the word “brag” at the end of it. But if this isn’t performed at halftime of Game 4 or 6, the Cavs organization has no idea what they’re doing.

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