Tim Tebow Accidentally Screws Ohio State

Nick Teplitz
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In the 2007 BCS National Championship Game, Tim Tebow led Florida to victory over then-#1 Ohio State.
Last year, the pious quarterback inadvertently dealt the Buckeyes another crushing blow — while having lunch with a friend.
In March 2013, while dining with now-OSU head coach Urban Meyer, a phone call came in. It was linebacker Clifton Garretta young man Meyer was hoping to recruit. Not thinking about the ramifications, Meyer handed the phone to Tebow so the two could say hello.
Although Tebow didn’t do any recruiting during the call, the fact that he spoke to Garrett amounted to an NCAA violation. Ohio State later self-reported the wrongdoing to the NCAA, according to documents recently obtained by the Cleveland Plain Dealer.
The school really had no choice but to admit to the violation. Garrett, who ended up committing to LSU, made the conversation public when he tweeted about it.
Social Media 1, Tebow and OSU 0:

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