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Patricia Arquette: Wage Equality, Equal Rights, & Fighting for America

Patricia Arquette sat down with The Lowdown’s Diana Madison and both girlbosses discussed wage equality, fighting for equal rights, and motherhood. The actress dished about her secret to success, while also talking about how she uses her platform to raise awareness for equal rights. The Boyhood actress wants to see the “America we’ve fought so hard to have.” Riding off a successful year last year, the Oscar winner reveals we have a long way to go before we see real change in the world. 

Patricia, who won an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, gave a heartfelt acceptance speech last year about equal pay. Diana brought up the memorable moment, but Patricia revealed not everyone was happy about it. Even she’s not immune to losing acting jobs because of her stance on wage equality. However, she started a petition on in order to pass the Equal Rights Amendment.

She’s still making moves. When Patricia isn’t fighting for equal rights, she’s enjoying her down time as a mother and partner. New mom Diana wanted the lowdown on whether or not Patricia thinks moms can have it all – watch the full video to find out Patricia’s answer.


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