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Where Are They Now? ’90s One-Hit Wonders

Where Are They Now? ’90s One-Hit Wonders December 11, 2017

1990s one-hit wonders

    The ’90s gave us hit bands like Backstreet Boys, Pearl Jam, Oasis and NSYNC. But there are also plenty of one-hit wonders who blessed us with only a single single. And after they made it big with just one great song, we barely, if ever, heard from these 1990s one-hit wonders again. So while many of them have faded from the charts, we commemorate these lost hits with this list.

    White Town

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    IMAGE BY: Slack Post

    If the “Star Wars” theme song and Bing Crosby’s “My Woman” got together, then 1996’s “Your Woman” would have been their love child. Maybe it was the song’s eeriness that made it a hit. But British musician Jyoti Mishra didn’t do much after that. One hit is better than no hits, am I right?