Adidas Refuses To Drop Kanye West As A Brand Partner And I Applaud Their Decision

Emily Gadsby
Adidas refuses to drop Kanye West as a brand partner
(Photo: Adidas refuses to drop Kanye West as a brand partner)

Whether it’s to promote a new album or it’s because he really IS mentally unstable and off his meds, there’s no denying that Kanye West is having a moment right now. While the nation is split on whether his most recent “dragon energy” Twitter rants and controversial public statements are a manufactured marketing attempt or a product of brainwashing, the “Gold Digger” rapper has rubbed a LOT of people the wrong way.

Outraged over the controversial statements West made during a recent appearance on “TMZ Live,” thousands of Yeezy’s harshest critics started a petition to compel Adidas to end their brand partnership with the rapper. 


Adidas refuses to drop Kanye West as a brand partner

While most brands are more than happy to jump the gun and sever ties with their celebrity spokesperson in the wake of a scandal, Adidas isn’t too pleased at the prospect of losing the massive cash cow of West’s Yeezy sneaker line. 

“We’re not going to comment or speculate on every single comment that our external creators are making,” said Adidas CEO Kasper Rorsted during a recent appearance on Bloomberg TV. “Kanye has been, and is, a very important part of our strategy, and he’s been a fantastic creator, and that’s where I’m going to leave it. … Kanye and Yeezy is a very important part of our brand.”

There’s no denying that some of the things West said were offensive AF. However, it’s not the responsibility of the brand to police what their collaborators say and do while not on company time. Just as I think Adidas is absolutely 100 percent in the right in standing by West through his public crucifixion, I think brands who drop their celebs (looking at you, Momiie) are cowardly at best. 

The Yeezy brand is both a status symbol and an intersection for sneakerheads and hip-hop fans. The impact of stripping the brand of its face and inspiration would last longer than it will take for West’s current headline-making Twitter rampage to die down. 

Sorry, Ye haters. It’s not personal, it’s business.