Alex Lange Is Leaving Jake Paul And The Team 10 Crew

Emily Gadsby
Alex Lange announced that he is leaving Team 10
(Photo: @alexlange / Instagram)

Despite their status as a juggernaut of the social media self-marketing industry, Team 10 can’t seem to keep their numbers up lately. Following AJ Mitchell’s initial departure from the infamous incubator of viral stars, the Dobre twins, Neels Visser, Max Beaumont and Alissa Violet all followed suit, severing ties with the Jake Paul-led media machine. Now, just weeks after the Martinez twins abandoned the group after months of alleged harassment Alex Lange announced that he is leaving Team 10 as well.

smile through the bad times:) it gets better

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The 16-year-old model and YouTube star broke the news on his channel via a short video detailing the reasons behind the split while also tweeting the bombshell announcement to his 344,000 followers.

Unlike the Martinez twins, Lange has nothing but good things to say about his fellow influencers and his time spent in the Team 10 house.

“Team 10 has been my family for the past two and a half years of my life and I saw it grow into what it is today so as you guys can probably tell, this wasn’t an easy decision to make,” said Lange. “But after talking it through with the Team 10 family and others close to me, we all decided that it was the best next step for everyone. The time has come for me to move my career in another direction.”

Lange then addressed the fans of the captivating Team 10 group dynamic, reassuring them that he will definitely still pop up in videos from time to time. “You guys may still see me collaborating with a few members from time to time on some special projects,” he said.

Lange admirers flooded the comment section with messages of continued support for his solo projects, eagerly waiting for the viral star to follow through on his promise of posting videos “two or three times a week.”

Tbh, we can’t wait to see what Lange comes up with on his own!