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Where Are They Now? ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Winners

Where Are They Now? ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Winners May 10, 2018

America’s Next Top Model winners

    America’s Next Top Model winners: See what they’re doing now
    America’s Next Top Model is like a gift that keeps on giving. Fans have tuned in cycle after cycle, ever since airing its first episode in  2003. We binge watch every episode to get our fix of beauty, editorial fashion, makeovers, and of course, all the drama. For the past 24 cycles, Tyra Banks inspired and molded a group of aspiring young models who wanted nothing more than to become America’s next top model. But after several seasons, hundreds of contestants, and a few network changes, have you ever wondered what became of the America’s Next Top Model winners? Well, put on your runway shoes because you’re going to take a quick trip back in time. Take a look at what these boys and girls have been doing after the show.

    Adrianne Curry, (Cycle 1) Then

    America’s Next Top Model winners
    IMAGE BY: The CW

    Adrianne Curry was the first winner of the entire show. After the show ended, she signed with Wilhelmina Models, but shortly after that, ANTM cut ties with her agency. During cycle 2, Curry was asked to brag about Top Model, which pissed off Wilhelmina and they took it out on Curry. But she went on to star in several reality shows after her win.