Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Quit Social Media

Emily Gadsby
Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have quit social media
(Photo: @moonlightbae / Snapchat)

It’s said that if you send one thought into the universe for long enough, if it’s meant to be, any number of cosmic forces will respond to your plea.

Thankfully, my wish for Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson to hop TF off social media is apparently enough of a big deal to demand a response from the powers that be. Flexing their PDA-packed romance for both the paparazzi and their Instagram feeds, #Pariana is undoubtedly the celebrity equivalent of that annoying couple in high school who couldn’t keep their hands off each other in the hallways. 

Unsurprisingly, Grande and Davidson soon became the targets of critics slamming their obsessive, public-facing romance. From attacking Davidson’s decision to gift his newly minted fiancee with his late father’s FDNY chain to slamming Grande for moving on so quickly from her former beau Mac Miller, haters are busy doing the most to make sure that #Pariana never makes it down the aisle. In response to the wave of hate, the “No Tears Left to Cry” singer and her better half recently announced that they were both taking a step back from social media altogether. 

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have quit social media

Recently, Davidson wiped his Instagram feed completely clean save for one picture of his friend, Machine Gun Kelly. 

Offering a followup explanation, Davidson posted to his Instagram story one final time. “No nothing happened. No there’s nothing cryptic about anything. I just don’t wanna be on Instagram anymore,” said the “Saturday Night Live” star. “Or on any social media platform. The internet is an evil place and it doesn’t make me feel good. Why should I spend any time on negative energy when my real life is f—ing lit. The fact that I even have to say this proves my point. I love you all and I’m sure I’ll be back at some point. 🙂 Your neighborhood goon, Pete.”

Backing up her man, Grande took to Twitter just hours later to announce her own break from multiple online platforms. 

“Yeh ! I’m prolly gonna post on der for a little while & take a breather from twitter & ig for a little,” wrote the “God Is a Woman” hitmaker. “Just sometimes can’t help but bump into some negative s— that really can bum u out and it’s not worth it honestly. I love u sm ! Be well & happy.”

While I’m all for recognizing the toxic nature of social media, I have ZERO sympathy for the hate sent Grande and Davidson’s way. After all, it was undeniably their JOINT decision to parade their gross romance in the faces of millions of strangers, so what did they honestly think would happen? That the world would welcome their hypersexualized, extremely public relationship? 

Sorry, but no. I couldn’t be happier to finally be free of their in-your-face romance.