Bella Thorne Claps Back At Haters Who Say She’s On Drugs And I’m Honestly Shocked That She ISN’T Strung Out

Emily Gadsby
Bella Thorne claps back at haters who say she's on drugs
(Photo: @bellathorne / Instagram)

From her questionable dating choices (looking at you, Scott Disick) to consistently wearing glitter body paint as both a full-on piece of clothing and a fashion accessory, Bella Thorne does not look like someone who has it all together.

Currently dating serial cheater and hippie dirtbag Mod Sun, Thorne proved to her followers that she has fully embraced her natural beauty by showing off a selfie devoid of ripped tie-dye and splatter-paint makeup. Showing just how much her worry-free beau in serious need of a shower has impacted her look, Thorne flexed her far-from-red-carpet-ready snap to her 17.5 million Instagram followers. 

Happy girl because I’m releasing two songs on Friday #GOAT #BITCHIMBELLATHORNE

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Bella Thorne claps back at haters who say she’s on drugs

Soon, critics slipped into the social media star’s comments section to drag her strung-out look. 

“Lay off the hard drugs. You used to look sexy,” commented one hater.

In response, Thorne hopped onto Twitter to set the record straight once and for all. Surprising everyone (including me), the 20-year-old actress revealed that she is NOT on drugs. Adopting the usual publicist-approved comeback, Thorne then explained that her beyond-exhausted look was the result of long work hours, not a side effect of an illegal substance.

“You guys got me f—ed what what cuz I don’t wear makeup and I’m exhausted from working and I have acne, and you guys think I’m im crack?” she wrote, exasperated at those who simply pointed out that she consistently looks like she just escaped from a rehab center.

“What the f— is wrong w you guys,” Thorne added, continuing her clapback. “I don’t like 2018 you guys just try and rip apart EVERY single thing you see. It’s disgusting. You can’t just for one second think hmm this is a real person I’m talking to.. a real f—ing human being just like yourself.”

Sorry for assuming the worst, Thorne, but when your go-to look is heroin chic, people are going to jump to conclusions when you post a makeup-free selfie.