Bhad Bhabie Buries “Cash Me Ousside Girl,” Flees From The Cops In New “Both Of Em” Music Video

Emily Gadsby
Bhad Bhabie released the music video for Both of Em
(Photo: Bhad Bhabie / YouTube)

Danielle Bregoli isn’t here to just scoop up the quick money that accompanies instant fame and fade into the abyss of viral celebrity. Parlaying her meme-styled come-up into a bonafide rap career throughout 2017, Bregoli AKA Bhad Bhabie proved she was much more than a catchphrase by dropping her debut single “These Heaux,” a bop which solidified the rapper’s status as the youngest female hip-hop artist to debut on the Billboard Hot 100. As a further testament to her staying power and ability to consistently serve up fire visuals, Bhad Bhabie released the music video for “Both of Em.” 

The single is the latest release by the rapper under her recently-signed six figure deal with Atlantic Records, a muted, snare-heavy track that puts the rapper in comfortable territory–rapping about her rise to fame, her racks, and her “washed up” haters. 

Despite the fact that the 14-year-old rapper can’t legally drive, Bhad Bhabie appears comfortable behind the wheel during a high-speed police chase set in the bleak landscape of the California desert. Sticking to her solo-styled “Thelma & Louise” vibe, the rapper stays on the lam throughout the entirety of the music video, only stopping to flex in front of her whip and dig a grave for the body bouncing around her trunk. 

“Hear ’em talking shit/I take both of ’em/Your exes on my dick/I take both of ’em/Young and rich in the mirror/I see both of ’em,” raps Bhad Bhabie as she unceremoniously digs the grave for the body murdered by her rap persona. 

In a shocking twist, the rapper serves up some serious T-Swift “Look What You Made Me Do” shade by revealing that the body she buried was her own– finally putting to rest her Dr. Phil-era days of too-thin eyebrows, selling drugs and boosting cars. Finally ready to shed the image that made her famous, Bhad Bhabie proved she is truly here to stay– one shovel full of dirt at a time. 

Watch the full video for “Both of Em” below:



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