Bhad Bhabie’s 2nd Single “Hi Bich” Debuts On The Billboard Hot 100, And Twitter Is Here For It

Emily Gadsby
bhad bhabie single hi bich
(Photo: @bhadbhabie / Instagram)

While haters were eager to sound the buzzer on Danielle Bregoli’s 15 seconds of fame, the mouthy teen ignored them, dug her fresh sneaks in the ground and launched a burgeoning rap career. Bregoli, who now goes by her stage name Bhad Bhabie almost exclusively, proved she’s not just some blink-and-you’ll-miss-it catch phrase to be buried in the graveyard of forgotten memes (R.I.P. Crying Jordan).

Striking while the airplay iron was hot, Bhad Bhabie followed the success of her debut single “These Heax” with the release of her second bop, “Hi Bich/Whachu Know.” Never one to follow success with mediocrity – I mean, did you catch her second appearance on “Dr. Phil”? – the newly-minted rapstress’ second single debuted at No. 68 on the Oct. 10 release of the Billboard Hot 100, nine slots higher than the No. 77 debut of “These Heaux.”

On the track, Bhad Bhabie commands the icy, minimalistic trap beat with the vocal maturation and clean bar breaks of an artist twice her age. The 14-year-old’s lyrics like “Hi, bitch, hi, bitch/I do not sniff, hit the rollie/It do not drip when I pour it/I do not run, I reload it/I do not save it, I throw it” further obscure her age to listeners unaware of her “viral bad girl” come-up. 

Even for the detractors who spit on her easily-won fame and fortune, “Hi Bich” is a certified banger that will have you nodding to the beat, ready to run up on your enemies before the sound of the last compressed snare.

The rapper’s “Bhaddies” took to Twitter to publicly proclaim their love for the hit single, even if it meant getting dragged by those who think Bregoli’s foray into the rap game is at best, a joke.

As said by Bhaddest MC around, everything happens for a reason.

“Except bee stings. F— bees.”