Bhad Bhabie Calls Logan Paul’s “Suicide Forest” Video Disgusting, Says “That Is Not OK At All”

Emily Gadsby
Bhad Bhabie thinks Logan Paul's latest vlog is disgusting
(Photo: @bhadbhabie / Instagram)

Bhad Bhabie thinks Logan Paul’s latest vlog is disgusting.

The fresh-on-the-scene “Hi Bich” rapper didn’t hesitate to slam the controversial content creator when questioned by a TMZ reporter about Paul’s latest upload. In the now-deleted vlog, Paul and his team travel to Japan’s infamous Aokigahara forest (also known as the “suicide forest”) and come across the dead body of an individual who had recently hung himself. Instead of shutting off the cameras out of respect to the suicide victim, Paul filmed the hanging body before laughing and cracking tasteless jokes at the expense of the young man. Callously, Paul even flexes for the video by showing off his lack of fear by “standing next to the dead guy.”

“Everything was kind of OK…it wasn’t OK that he filmed it, but I understood,” she said. “He’s a vlogger, he goes and he films things, that’s what he does…but when you’re talking about it saying, ‘Oh, depression is a bad thing’ and then you start laughing? Yo, that’s crossing the line.” 

“I think that’s kind of disgusting,” she continued. “That’s disgusting. That is not OK at all.”

When questioned about Paul’s two-part apology, Bhad Bhabie was not here for the vlogger’s attempt to backpedal on his content, stating that his actions cannot be undone. 

“If you kill someone and apologize for it, does that make it OK?”

Props to the rapper for condemning her fellow viral star over an act that clearly crossed a number of ethical boundaries.

Watch the full interview below: 


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