Bhad Bhabie’s Estranged Dad And Half-Brothers Are Now Receiving Targeted Death Threats

Emily Gadsby
Bhad Bhabie's fanbase is sending death threats to her father
(Photo: @bhadbhabie / Instagram / Palm Beach Post)

While Danielle Bregoi, aka Bhad Bhabie, has a tumultuous relationship with her mother that’s now public knowledge thanks to the “Dr. Phil” appearance that made “cash me ousside” the top meme of 2017, little is known about her father. Bregoli’s father Ira Peskowitz left his daughter and her mother Barbara following a drawn-out custody battle and a number of domestic abuse allegations over a decade ago when the teen was just an infant.  Due to their estrangement, Bhad Bhabie’s fanbase is sending death threats to her father and half-brothers who have spoken out about the rapper’s “out of control behavior.” 

Never one to shy away from putting her critics on blast, Bregoli dissed her father in her “Rubbin Off The Paint” remix along with a number of social media videos aimed at discrediting his criticism of her sudden fame. 

“I said lil bitch I be ballin’ but I’m dodging them courts/ I just signed another deal, daddy hatin’ of course/ He don’t wanna see me win, instead he lyin’ in court,” rapped Bhad Bhabie. 

Seeking retribution for their idol’s abandonment, Bhad Bhabie’s #Bhaddies geared up for a full-on viral onslaught of her estranged family members–virtual harassment that, according to Peskowitz, has severe IRL consequences. 

Along with receiving hundreds of prank calls after one of the rapper’s admirers posted his personal number on a fan site, Peskowitz and his two sons aged 10 and 12 have been the target of bullying and death threats.

Frighteningly, Peskowitz has even received messages urging him to kill his two sons simply because they aren’t Danielle. “Your kids are ugly the best one is Danielle. Kill em both,” wrote one fan.

While there is apparently not enough evidence to warrant criminal prosecution, Peskowitz revealed that he is considering pursuing the matter as a civil case if the harassment continues. 

“Right now the evidence they have uncovered is not enough for criminal prosecution but we certainly have enough evidence against the individuals behind this for a civil lawsuit – which we will consider if it continues,” he revealed to The Sun.

“But when someone sends a messages telling Danielle to kill my kids to me – it’s just disgusting. It has to stop. They might think it’s funny put it’s not, it’s pure harassment.”

“My kids have been terrorized by this – the last year has been hard for them with bullying and harassment at school,” he continued.

To date, Bhad Bhabie has not issued a statement regarding the controversy.

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