Bhad Bhabie Fires Back At DJ Suede For Calling Her An “Attention Whore,” Says “Pay Me My Money”

Emily Gadsby
Bhad Bhabie's feud with DJ Suede over unpaid royalties
(Photo: @bhadbhabie / Instagram)

Danielle Bregoli AKA Bhad Bhabie’s feud with DJ Suede over unpaid royalties is seriously heating up. The rapper’s mother, Barbara Bregoli kicked off the beef by filing documents claiming that DJ Suede exploited her daughter’s viral celebrity by using her famous catchphrase in his “Cash Me Outside Trap Remix” while failing to deliver her share of the track’s royalties. With a sum totaling a staggering $250,000, it’s no surprise that Bregoli and her mother are fighting to secure their bag. 

In response to the lawsuit, Suede clapped back with an attack aimed at Bregoli’s “15 minutes of fame” while also dismissing the validity of their allegations.

“My team/lawyer already read y’all the contract several times for months and we have EVERYTHING on paper! HOW BOUT DAT,” he said. “Smh lol 15 minutes went by pretty fast huh.”

Still upset over the legal drama, the “Remix God” took to Twitter to hate on everything from Bhad Bhabie’s come-up to her intelligence while also taking jabs at her widely-criticized relationship with her mother. According to Suede, it was his remix that put the “Hi Bich” hitmaker on the map and paved the way for her (now) fire rap career. 

“I’m glad I know how to read,” he wrote. “Lol apparently everyone doesn’t. Stay in school and chase books before clout kids. You’ll thank me later. Intelligence is far more important than the popularity contest. Contracts don’t lie.

“Since my biggest fan base are kids listen,” continued the DJ before slamming the rapper’s quest for fame. “You don’t have to disrespect your mom, act another race, get beat up several times, be ignorant for likes or be an attention whore. YOU can be successful by graduating college (like I did) and respecting parents ..TRY IT!! Trust me.”

“Girl u got yo azz whooped/dragged TWICE! Smh,” he added. (yall can YouTube it btw) and she still be talkin shxt for attention lol that’s heart!!👏👏

With one final jab, Suede then dissed Bregoli’s status as an Internet celebrity, claiming that she was “made” by him, “Dr. Phil and the meme team.” 

The rapper clapped back in true Bhad Bhabie fashion, shutting down Suede with the same finesse shown on bars dedicated to throwing shade on her haters.

“if u f— wit me yo ass either gon get beaten or sued (or both of em’. both),” she added, clearly unmoved by Suede’s allegations that their legal motion was unsubstantiated. 

Keep it locked here for updates on the DJ Suede x Bhad Bhabie feud and to see who comes out on top in the courtroom.

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