Bhad Bhabie Is Making Prank Videos Now, And It Is Just Spicy AF

Emily Gadsby
Bhad Bhabie's new prank video
(Photo: Getty Images)

From “Dr. Phil” bad girl with a “cash me ousside” vibe to Billboard-charting rapper, Danielle Bregoli, aka Bhad Bhabie, knows how to change her image to secure the bag. 

Along with cultivating her budding career in the music industry, Bhad Bhabie has solidified her staying power by developing a fan army millions of #Bhaddies deep on social media. Translating her millions of Instagram and Twitter followers into YouTube subscribers, the “Hi Bich” hitmaker soon capitalized on the platform’s mega-popular prank videos. 

After racking up over 2 million views on her “Pwank Fwank” video that showcased the burning of her bodyguard’s shoes, Bhad Bhabie set her sights higher for Vol. 2 by turning the upload into an interactive experience. To promote her new partnership with a sticker app, the 14-year-old first commanded her followers to write “f–k Frank” in the comments section of his Instagram pics.

As her next prank, Bhad Bhabie then made her grandma believe that her phone had been hacked. Using the app to superimpose GIFs of herself over her the entire conversation, the rapper couldn’t hold back her laughter as her grandma admitted she had to call for help, believing that her phone was broken.

After serving the “digital sticker prank” to a former flame, the rapper moved on to dropping some serious cash on her IG live followers. Splitting five racks between ten of her most devoted fans, it was clear that the social media sensation enjoyed giving back to those who supported her steady rise to fame. 

To watch Bhad Bhabie prank her grandma, drop cash, and get back at Frank once more in full, watch the entire video below: