Bill Murray Slammed Logan Paul On “Saturday Night Live” And Twitter Loved Every Second Of It

Emily Gadsby
Bill Murray slammed Logan Paul on Saturday Night Live
(Photo: Shutterstock)

If 2017 was the year of the #Logang, 2018 is without question the year of the #LoganPaulIsOver party. After the YouTube star uploaded a vlog dedicated to exploiting the pain of a recently deceased suicide victim in a shameless attempt to attract more views and subscribers, a monsoon of hate and headline-making criticism surged toward the young viral celebrity. Following suit, Bill Murray slammed Logan Paul on “Saturday Night Live,” taking shots at the former Vine star while the live audience groaned at the mere mention of his name.

The late-night comedy sketch show strayed from it’s usual winning formula of actor Alec Baldwin poking fun of President Trump for a mockup of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” Alongside “SNL” cast members Alex Moffat and Kate McKinnon exaggerating the sexual tension between IRL hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, comedy veteran Bill Murray made a surprise guest appearance as Steve Bannon, Trump’s former chief strategist. 

With the imitated confidence of “Steve Bannon the Cannon,” Murray claimed he had the skill to make anyone president (and he meant ANYONE). “I can do it again. I’m already auditioning candidates, I’ve got some prospects…Logan Paul,” he said, before naming tossing fellow media paraiahs Martin Shkreli and Jared Fogle into the mix. 

In response, Twitter was absolutely HERE for Paul getting dragged on national television. 

“Imagine being Logan Paul, and having Bill F—ing Murray say your name on SNL, but having it be in the context that you’re a fucking garage human with zero decency. Ouch,” tweeted one critic.

Currently hiding from the media during a self-imposed vlogging/social media blackout, Paul has yet to respond to the diss.

Watch the full “SNL” cold open below to see the takedown of the former social media juggernaut: