Blac Chyna Has ANOTHER Teenage Boyfriend Following Split From YBN Almighty Jay And No, She Doesn’t Give AF What You Think About It

Emily Gadsby
Blac Chyna has another teenage boyfriend
(Photo: @blacchyna / Instagram)

Her romance with Rob Kardashian aside, Blac Chyna is a cougar on the prowl for barely legal teens. 

Apparently, while both I and the rest of the Twitterverse were busy worrying over the reality star’s mental state following her split from her teen rapper BF YBN Almighty Jay, Chyna was out creepin’ on the low. According to TMZ, there’s some serious overlap between the Lashed CEO’s relationship with Almighty Jay and her newfound romance with 19-year-old pro boxer Devin Haney. 

Blac Chyna has another teenage boyfriend

Unsurprisingly, sis used social media to introduce the world to her barely legal love affair, hopping onto Instagram to post a pic of Haney flexing on top of the white Ferrari that Kardashian bought for her. 

Looks like #BlacChyna has a new man in her life!

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Clearly, Blac Chyna doesn’t give AF what ANYONE thinks these days and is happy to hop from man to man with a practiced finesse that does not make her seem like a responsible mother of two. Proving that there really is no shame in her game, Chyna both introduced the world to her new teen paramour on social media and slammed Kardashian all with a single upload. 

As much as Chyna likes to flaunt her status as an independent HBIC, it’s more than obvious that the social media star can’t hold it down by herself. For someone who’s always down to hop onto the ‘Gram to flex her (allegedly) self-funded luxury lifestyle, Chyna is seemingly incapable of living the single life these days, instead choosing to link up with boy toys more than 10 years her junior. 

However, I have to hand it to Chyna for boosting her new man while knowing that the press would slam her for yet another questionable romantic choice. It takes a strong woman to announce another May-December romance so soon after her last teenage beau got his side chick pregnant. While Chyna may not be strong enough to live the single life, she is secure enough in her age-defying appeal to link up with anyone she wants no matter what the haters have to say about it.