BTS Drives Twitter To Tears With Record-Breaking Japanese Single “Crystal Snow”

Emily Gadsby
BTS debuted their Japanese single Crystal Snow
(Photo: AllKPop)

BTS has been serving up straight fire since their North American debut at the 2017 American Music Awards, an unstoppable force that broke through the bubble of the K-pop music scene to become a global sensation.

Fresh off of their Year On Twitter 2017 win as the most tweeted-about musicians in the U.S. and the most tweeted-about celebs WORLDWIDE, the seven-member boy band readied themselves to high-key drop an emotional bomb on their #ARMY. In the spirit of the holiday season, BTS debuted their Japanese single “Crystal Snow,” an intensely emotional ballad that will make you want to sob until your tears turn into icicles. 

The band’s new single is already a certified smash hit as the third best-selling Japanese single released by a K-pop music group in history and the current record holder for the most sales during its first week of release

BTS’ fan #ARMY swarmed Twitter with praise of the band’s first new release since September, gushing over RM’s slow tempo rap verses, Jin’s high-pitched vocals and the group’s impressive harmonies.

“Jin’s triple high notes in Crystal Snow put everyone out of a job. I heard McDonalds Japan is hiring,” said one fan, referencing the shockwaves sent by the single throughout the Japanese music market. 

Others couldn’t help but commenting on the emotional appeal of “Crystal Snow,” a stark departure from the band’s bass-driven, synth-heavy singles like “Mic Drop” and “DNA.” 

Listen to “Crystal Snow” below and let it hit you right in the feels: 



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