BTS Fans Get #WorldwideHandsomeDay Trending In Honor Of Jin’s Birthday

Emily Gadsby
BTS fans claimed the No. 1 trending hashtag on Twitter for Jin's birthday
(Photo: Soompi)

BTS fans claimed the No. 1 trending hashtag on Twitter for Jin’s birthday while breaking the Internet and creating a global holiday at the same time.

The BTS fanbase (we’re looking at you, #ARMY) doesn’t play around when it’s the birthday of one of the beloved members of the K-pop septet. Their infamous, unyielding support of the seven-member boy band coupled with their uncanny ability to transcend time zones and unite on social media to drag the group’s detractors has set them apart as a formidable force to be reckoned with.

Both a marketing machine and a critic silencer for the Big Hit Entertainment-formed musical act, the group’s admirers consistently have their Twitter fingers locked and loaded, ready to drag anyone brazen enough to diss their boys

Today, the #ARMY banded together for a good reason– they wanted to make sure Jin felt the love on his special day. The superstar turns 26 today (per his Korean age, he is 25 by Western standards) and in honor of the sacred day, the BTS fanbase got #WorldwideHandsomeDay trending at No. 1 on Twitter. 

The hashtag is an affectionate throwback to the backstage interview in which Jin referred to himself and his global appeal as “worldwide handsome.”


It’s not just #ARMY members that are reaching out to send Jin well-wishes either, as late night talk show host James Corden tweeted a greeting to the BTS member following the band’s recent appearance on his show: 

Happy Birthday, Jin!