BTS Fans Are Divided Over CupcaKke’s Raunchy Tweets About Jungkook

Emily Gadsby
BTS CupcakKe
(Photo: Soompi/@cupcakkeafreakk / Instagram)

Diehard fanbases of up-and-coming musicians never hesitate to “stan” behind their idols, and South Korean K-Pop boyband BTS’ #ARMY is no exception. The growing hype behind the seven-man crew only intensified after BTS became the first Korean group ever to enter the coveted top 1o  of the Billboard 200 album chart. With the BigHit-backed supergroup booked to perform their smash hit single “DNA” at the Nov. 19 American Music Awards, the band’s sudden surge of popularity has their OG fans ready to wage war with rapper CupcakKe who penned some choice tweets about BTS member Jungkook.

Sex-positive rapper CupcakKe started the fued by tweeting her attraction to Jungkook, an action that put her on the #ARMY blacklist. The femcee then quickly laughed off the swarm of stans eager to bury her for explicitly calling out her celebrity crush:

Not backing down, CupcakKe then called out the toxic source of their indignation, pointing out that if their gender roles were reversed there would be no issue with her comments. “You mad I want to f— him? If he tweeted I want to f— cupcakKe, why would I get mad?” she tweeted.

While Jungkook has refrained from addressing CupcakKe’s comments, some BTS fans alluded to South Korea’s conservatism as a reason why the tweets would make the singer uncomfortable.

The other half of the BTS fandom came to the rappers defense, arguing that stans shouldn’t drag CupcakKe on social media for doing the same thing that their fandom does each day: sexualize members of the group. Between fanfiction, manips and edits, BTS fans are praised, not condemned, for their obsession over Jungkook’s “perfect” smile and chiseled bod.

While explicitly admitting attraction is definitely not OK for some BTS fans, it seems that death threats are. Unfortunately, after CupcakKe spilled the tea, the #ARMY flooded her Instagram comments with comments urging the rapper to take her own life.

Thankfully, the “Exit” rapper announced on Twitter that she was OK after all the drama-dust settled. 

What do you think? Was CupcakKe out of line with her tweets, or are the up-in-arms BTS fans just being too sensitive?