“Rap Monster” No More: BTS Member Changes Stage Name To “RM”

Emily Gadsby
BTS Rap Monster
(Photo: Soompi)

Putting a K-Pop twist on Diddy’s #BrotherLove name change, Kim Namjoon, aka Rap Monster, is ready to switch things up. Thankfully, the 23-year-old BTS member has received a much warmer response than the Ciroc mogul did when he announced the evolution of his stage name. With all of the sex appeal, effortless charm and killer choreography of a boyband frontman- Namjoon can do no wrong. 

True to hype man fashion, the English-speaking stateside spokesman announced the stage name change with less than a week left before BTS’ much-anticipated AMA performance and Mic Drop remix.   

Namjoon announced the change on BTS’ fansite, fancafe: “I’ve been promoting under the name Rap Monster for about five years, since the end of 2012. It was a stage name that I naturally came to be called among our company family members and my members, after a line in a song I’d made as a trainee, and I think I became very fond of it,” the singer wrote.

Namjoon then added that the “RM” evolution was also a madder of practicality.

“Once I started promoting, the name ‘BTS’s Rap Monster’ was a bit long, and I’ve become keenly aware of the fact that it’s become different from [what I want] to put at the front of the music I’ve made for the past five years, and the music I want to share in the future. At some point, I started introducing myself as Rapmon or RM, rather than the full name Rap Monster,” he explained. So I’d like to change the name I use for promotions to ‘RM,’ which I think is more in accordance with the music I’m aiming for and also has a wider spectrum.”

“It’s possible that it’s a bit awkward to be changing my stage name, which I’ve been called since before my debut, and you may feel like it’s unfamiliar. However, I would be sincerely grateful if you would welcome me after I’ve started with a new name following a long time of consideration,” he continued, in final explanation. 

Unsurprisingly, #ARMY, the BTS fanbase, welcomed the newly-minted RM with open arms.