Cardi B And Laverne Cox Totally Got A Contact High From Sitting Next To 420-Friendly Offset At A Fashion Week Show

Emily Gadsby
Cardi B and Laverne Cox got a contact high from Offset
(Photo: Getty Images)

While “Bodak Yellow” hitmaker Cardi B isn’t one to get gassed up herself, the Bronx-bred rapper clearly has no problem with her fiance Offset partaking in casual drug use whenever and wherever he sees fit–even in the front row at a New York Fashion Week show. 

As one-third of the Atlanta-based rap trio Migos, Offset  frequently spits lyrics about the pleasures of lighting up some quality grass. When the “Narcos” rapper couldn’t resist the urge to roll a blunt during Prabal Gurung’s 2018  runway show, fellow front-row VIP and “Orange Is the New Black” star Laverne Cox took to Instagram to share the iconic snap with her 2.9 million followers.

#ContactHigh at #NYFW 😉,” wrote Cox in the image’s caption.

When questioned about the snap that soon took social media by storm, Cox revealed that she posted the image as a means of celebrating Offset’s forwardness. 

“I look over and Offset, Cardi’s fiance, has lit a blunt,” she said. “He’s smoking a blunt front row at New York Fashion Week! I was like, ‘That is very rock n’ roll and that is awesome.’ Legalization, right? I told you the full tea — Cardi, I hope you don’t mind!”

Thankfully, neither Bardi nor the Twitterverse were offended by Cox putting Offset’s blunt-rolling skills on full display.

“Offset rolling a backwood at fashion week 2018 w Cardi B and Laverne Cox😂😂😂😂,” wrote one fan impressed by the rapper’s forwardness.

“Offset sparking up a blunt in the front row at NYFW is my forever mood,” wrote another 420-friendly follower. 

Hats off to Laverne Cox for lending credibility to the rumor that the Migos really do stay lit wherever they go.