Cardi B Claps Back: She Will “Body” Your Favorite Rapper’s Flow

Emily Gadsby
Cardi B claps back
(Photo: Maury Phillips/Getty Images for BET)

In the #clapback heard ’round the world, Cardi B shared a scathing message to her haters spitting their shade on the reigning femcee’s shine.

With Cardi fever hitting an all time schmoney-high, it’s no surprise that the Bronx rapper’s detractors have come for her recent success. With her debut single “Bodak Yellow” triumphing over Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” for the top spot in the coveted Billboard Hot 100 chart, Cardi really is the “hottest in the streets” despite the naysayers constantly searching for an angle to bring the rapper down.

While Cardi has quickly silenced critics who refute her lyrical acrobatics, dwell on her stripper past, or call the way she spits “too ghetto,” the “Foreva” rapper took time out of a recent concert to address those looking to bury her for “stealing” rapper Kodak Black’s flow for her hit single.

Following a show-stopping performance, Cardi, in a platinum-blonde wig and form-fitting jumpsuit, addressed the hyped crowd.

“And for anybody that telling me, ‘Oh, bitch, you copied Kodak flow, you copied this and that flow.’ So what, bitch? So what? I’ma sound like all your favorite rappers,” Cardi shouted, a slight edge to her voice. “I’ma take all they flows and I’ma body it, bitch. One day I’ma sound like Kodak, the next day I’ma sound like Meek Mill, the next day I’ma sound like Migos. I don’t give a f—.”

While this scathing response would be enough to prevent anyone from pulling up on the Washington Heights native, the fact that the rapper already referenced Kodak’s influence before it dropped is beyond transparent on Cardi’s part.

“I named it ‘Bodak Yellow’ because the flow of the song will remind you of a song that Kodak Black did called ‘No Flockin.’ I call it Bodak Yellow because my name starts with a B and yellow because I’m a yellow bitch,” Cardi told MTV news.

Hate on her all you want, but Cardi will still be out here making money moves.