Cardi B Gave Fiance Offset An Insanely Extravagant Gift For His Birthday


(Photo: @offsetyrn / Instagram)

Securing her #WifeyStatus, Cardi B gave Offset a Rolls-Royce Wraith for his birthday while also throwing in an iced-out watch to make sure her man will ride in style. In the ultimate testament to the fact that the “Bodak Yellow” hitmaker can get them BOTH and doesn’t have to choose, husband-to-be Offset flexed his flashy watch and $320,500 new whip for the ‘Gram.

“She bought me that WRAITH! She bought me the Wraith,” exclaimed Offset before wrapping his beau in a tight squeeze.

The South Bronx femcee surprised the Migos rapper with the luxury vehicle outside of his Met Gala-themed birthday party at The MacArthur in Los Angeles. Aptly named “The Set Gala” as an homage to the  annual fundraising event and a tongue-in-cheek reference to Offset’s fire verse on Gucci Mane’s “Met Gala,” the bash proved to be the perfect setting for #Coffset to flaunt their power couple status. 

“R O Y A L T Y,” captioned Offset in this IG pic of the duo making their grand entrance at the soiree. 

Unfortunately for the “Foreva” rapper however, critics were quick to criticize Cardi B for splashing that much cash on her man at such an early point in her career. 

“why is cardi b spending that much $ on anything… like she ain’t worth enough to be spending that much dough on something that depreciates in value,” wrote music critic Eb the Celeb.

 As expected, the queen of clapbacks was NOT here for strangers commenting on her financial decisions and shut them down swiftly. Reminding her haters that she is still out here making money moves despite her album’s delayed release date, the NY rapper unholstered her Twitter fingers in retaliation. 

“Baby you don’t know what i got .Dont let these Google searches get you f—ed up ,I work everyday ,I save and invest 😉 and i got a lot of deals on my table ,Myman deserves it ! I mean he did put half a mill on my finger what your Man doing for you?” wrote Cardi B in response. 

Living in a post-“Bodak Yellow” world, we know three things to be true: you don’t come for Cardi, her man, or her bag.