Cardi B Gets The Cold Shoulder From Luxury Fashion Stores While Out Shopping, And Somehow That Makes Me Love Her Even More

Emily Gadsby
Cardi B gets treated poorly in luxury fashion stores
(Photo: Getty Images)

Once an aspiring star hits it big, the public is able to witness firsthand an inevitable slide into their full-fledged celebrity identity. Just as Justin Bieber transformed from a sweet Canadian tween with serious boy-next-door charm into a crazy-eyed Los Angeles rich kid with a rap sheet, Danielle Bregoli aka Bhad Bhabie slowly built up an entourage that swelled alongside her rapidly elevating profile. Thankfully, hip-hop newcomer Cardi B still manages to keep it real despite breaking Billboard records and securing the bag 10 times over. 

Crafting an impressive social media following and studio persona based on her down-to-earth vibe and relatable experiences, Bardi knows better than anyone that keeping it real translates into serious money moves. Scoring millions of Instagram followers as a result of her relatable rants, the femcee knows without a doubt that fans fell in love with her vibe well before she first spat fire behind the mic. While I’ll freely admit that her off-the-wall persona can be a bit too in-your-face at times, I truly believe what the “Be Careful” rapper says. Whether it’s the bars she spits on wax or an in-depth interview about industry beefs, I know that what’s coming out of Bardi’s mouth is her actual thoughts, not publicist-styled regurgitations. 

Cardi B gets treated poorly in luxury fashion stores

True to form, Bardi actually lives the life that she spits on wax. Rapping, “I’m his favorite type of chick, boujee, bad, and thick. I could buy designer, but this Fashion Nova fit,” on the track “She Bad,” Bardi alludes to the fact that while she has enough money to splash cash on high-end storefronts, she feels most at home in her favorite budget-friendly brand. 

Recently, the Bronx-bred rapper hopped onto Twitter to let off steam about luxury retail employees who give her the “Pretty Woman” treatment IRL. 

“Every time i go to a high end store dressed regular and the sales person treat me shitty! i get reminded of the Selena movie,” she wrote. “Then Somebody always comes in like ‘Cardi I’m your biggest fan’ and they attitude change NA BITCH KEEP THE SAME HURRY AND BUY energy.” 

Keeping it so real that employees accustomed to dealing with celeb clients fail to recognize her, it’s clear that Bardi keeps her street vibe alive even while strutting on Rodeo Drive. Proven time and again by the way she handles herself out in public, Cardi B really is the people’s celebrity.