Cardi B Instigated A Public Brawl With A Fan And Now I’m Convinced She’s Really Starting To Crack Under Pressure

Emily Gadsby
Cardi B instigated a public brawl with a fan
(Photo: Getty Images for Coachella)

If I came across Cardi B’s notorious entourage of Bentley trucks and black SUVs, the first question I would ask hip-hop’s rising star is, “Are you OK, sis?” 

From engaging in a full-on social media war with professional troll Azealia Banks to getting fully exposed by Nya Lee on Instagram, Cardi B has undoubtedly shouldered some high-profile hate lately. Responding to the waves of criticism shading everything from her in-your-face personality to her grammar and word choices, Bardi quickly locked down her Twitter and deleted her Instagram. While it seemed like the “Be Careful” hitmaker was actually going to stay true to her word and focus on enjoying her pregnancy, her family, her new projects, and her partner, Cardi B soon proved that she’s not as stable and light-hearted as she claims to be. 

Cardi B instigated a public brawl with a fan

Whether she’s pregnant or not, the leader of the #BardiGang is always ready to throw down. While recently browsing inside a Fendi store in a Las Vegas shopping center, the “Bodak Yellow” femcee attracted fans who were eager to take selfies with the star. Not feeling photo-ready and wanting to shop in peace, Bardi declined. Unsatisfied with the rapper’s response and with the fact that the mother-to-be was straight up ignoring her, a fan then screamed, “F— you Cardi, you ain’t shit!” and “Come outside, you bitch!”

Held back by her security, Cardi B attempted to step up to the woman and make good on her long-standing threat to pull up on a “bum bitch who runs her mouth.” 

Without question, Cardi B has the right to refuse fan photos when she’s out enjoying her private, personal life. However, there’s also no denying the fact that Bardi seemed to be absolutely indifferent to the fact that she is heavily pregnant. Instead of seeking shelter behind her heavy security, the Bronx-bred rapper instead seemed to be itching to throw down in public while slogging through her third trimester. 

Bardi, I still love you … but it definitely looks like the stress of living in the public eye is taking its toll.