Cardi B Keeps It Real Even While Pregnant, And TBH I’m Living For Her TMI Tweets

Emily Gadsby
Cardi B is eager to share her pregnancy with fans
(Photo: Getty Images)

While haters can say what they want about Cardi B’s flow, Fashion Nova wardrobe, and unique word choices, there’s absolutely no way that anyone can come for the Bronx-bred rapper’s dedication to keeping it 100. Marketing a personal brand that is clearly the same across the board whether it be her studio bars, Instagram rants, or public appearances, Queen Bardi refuses to apologize or conform to societal expectations surrounding her own celebrity. 

Heavily pregnant with fiance and Migos rapper Offset’s baby, the “Be Careful” rapper is more than ready to dish on all the intimate details regarding her changing body. 

Cardi B is eager to share her pregnancy with fans

As much as I can relate to Cardi B being a HBIC, securing the bag, and slamming haters, my loyalty to the #BardiGang increased tenfold when she got pregnant. Now in her third trimester, I completely empathize with every tweet, upload, and moan aimed at sharing just how uncomfortable it is to waddle around with a massive belly while fighting lightning crotch and red-hot heartburn. 

Hopping onto Twitter, Bardi showed no hesitation in letting her fans know that she “can’t see [her] vagina anymore.” 

Happily surprised by the stir that her TMI tweet caused, the NY rapper unholstered her Twitter fingers once more to comment on the #BardiGang’s interest in her rapidly changing body.

“SMH 200K likes on this tweet? I guess ya love when I’m miserable. You know how hard it is to shave my vagina?” Bardi tweeted. “I literally have to put one leg up in the sink while i look in the mirror facefront. I hate all of yaaa.”

As a formerly pregnant whale who huffed her way through menial, everyday tasks, I heavily f— with Cardi B keeping it real as she deals with what it truly means to be barefoot (because regular shoes don’t fit anymore) and pregnant.