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Cardi B Is Our 2018 Style Icon, And Here Are Her Best Looks

Cardi B Is Our 2018 Style Icon, And Here Are Her Best Looks April 2, 2018

Cardi B style

    Cardi B is the most relevant, dynamic, and gag-worthy artist out there. Because everything she touches turns to gold. From her raps, to her collabs, online content and music videos, she is flawless. And Bardi is in that peak pop-star phase where everything she does makes news. But if everything about her right now is iconic, nowhere is that more evident than her looks. Cardi’s personal style is eclectic, distinctly her own and game-changing. Recently, she turned up to New York Fashion week to capture every bit of attention there is. So it feels like the perfect time to take a look back at the last year of Cardi B pics that demonstrate her trend-setting style.

    New York Fashion Week

    Cardi B style
    IMAGE BY: Glamour

    Cardi B has to have the best coat collection on the planet. Being a Bronx girl, you need coats to protect you from New York’s blisteringly cold winters. Here Cardi’s fur is embellished with newspaper-type headlines. She is like a glam ransom note, and who doesn’t love a good remixed fashion piece.