Cardi B To Act As First Ever Co-Host Of “The Tonight Show” And I’ve Honestly Never Been More Excited For Anything, Ever

Emily Gadsby
Cardi B will be the first ever co-host of The Tonight Show
(Photo: Splash News Online)

She don’t dance now, she makes late-night TV moves. 

Cardi B is dedicated to landing her name in the Hip Hop Hall of Fame, refusing to fade away after the career-making success of her debut single “Bodak Yellow.” In the sprint up to the April 6 release of her first official studio album, “Invasion of Privacy,” the NYC-based femcee is dipping the heel of her bloody shoe into the world of late-night television with the help of funnyman Jimmy Fallon. 

As a certified member of the #BardiGang, I can’t wait for the “Be Careful” rapper to snag the title as the coveted program’s first ever guest co-host. I’m hoping for an hour-long version of Bardi’s famous Instagram rants, including topics ranging from jacked-up lace fronts and pulling up on ops to giving sound financial advice in the final weeks before tax season.

Thankfully, I have the rest of Cardi B’s dedicated online fan base to back me up in my plea for more Bardi straight talk and less Jimmy Fallon cuddling puppies or playing with kazoos during the hour-long segment. 

The episode is sure to be a big hit, as Bardi’s December 2017 appearance as a guest on Fallon’s couch became a viral sensation soon after it first aired, racking up nearly 17 million views in just three months. Two months before her iconic first interview, the rapper also performed beside G-Eazy as the featured rapper on his chart-topping track “No Limit.” 

Judging by the fact that Bardi has yet to catch an L since she first burst onto the scene with her 2017 song of the summer, I’m sure her upcoming appearance on Fallon will only make her MORE likable — if that’s even possible.