Cardi B Is A National Treasure And Her Instagram Cover Of A Cheetah Girls Track Proves She Must Be Protected At All Costs

Emily Gadsby
Cardi B's Instagram cover of a Cheetah Girls track
(Photo: Getty Images)

She’s Cardi B, she’s back, bitches — and she don’t wanna hear that she’s actin’ different. 

Fresh off dropping the much-anticipated release date for her debut studio album “Invasion of Privacy,” the foul-mouthed femcee behind the “Bodak Yellow” turn-up anthem of the century hopped onto Instagram to give the #BardiGang a little taste of what they can expect from their leader. 

“I just wanna give a little preview of what you guys are gonna get on April 6…this is one of my songs,” Cardi began before serving up a full-blown cover of the 2003 bop “Cinderella” by the Cheetah Girls. Dipping back into her roots as a certified social media troll and online entertainer, Bardi reminded the world that while she does drop some fire “Gangsta Bitch Music,” she’s much more than just a gangsta bitch (although she does wear that title proudly when she needs to pull up on a hater).

While it seems impossible that the world could fall even more in love with the stripper-turned-record breaker than before, Bardi’s fans lit up social media to show mad love for the “Lick” rapper. 

“Cardi B knows the words to Cinderella by the Cheetah Girls so put some respect on her name!” wrote one Bardi stan.

While it’s highly unlikely that “Invasion of Privacy” will feature an actual rendition of the iconic Cheetah Girls anthem, Bardi hitting the chorus with her signature flow is the remix that the world needs right now. Leave it to the bloody shoe-wearing, “Red Barz”-spittin’ Queen of New York to make her millions of followers turn up HARD to a track from a Disney Channel movie.