Cardi B’s Instagram Crip Diss Forced LA Clubs To Heighten Security For NBA All-Star Weekend

Emily Gadsby
Cardi B's Instagram Crip diss
(Photo: @iamcardib / Instagram)

In the world of Crips v. Bloods, “Bodak Yellow” rapper Cardi B is definitely not shy about her affiliation with the “bloody gang.” Aside from name-dropping the Bloods in her chart-topping hit single (These expensive, these is red bottoms/These is bloody shoes) and shouting out her loyalty on Twitter, the South Bronx femcee recently took her affiliation a step further by straight dissing the Crips on Instagram. 

“I hate wearing Flue but this coat was too poppin,” read the post’s original caption, a not-so-subtle diss that the rapper has since deleted. Soon after, the comment section of Bardi’s picture flooded with death threats from alleged gang members who were irate that the rapper knocked the Crips’ signifying color.

As the rapper has three upcoming appearances in Los Angeles scheduled for NBA All-Star Weekend, it’s no surprise that officials are concerned over her comments and the subsequent threats that followed. Fearing a surge of gang violence, popular L.A. nightclubs Murano, Penthouse and Ace of Diamonds are seriously ramping up their security to prepare for the possibility that social media threats like these may actually come to fruition:

According to TMZ, club management held an emergency meeting to address the seriousness of the situation. In an effort to keep both Cardi B and nightclub patrons safe, execs plan to triple the number of armed security guards present and also place off-duty cops out on the floor.

Here’s to hoping Cardi B exits the stage unscathed after securing the $250,000 bag she’s allegedly netting for her three appearances.