Celebrities Who Grew Up Poorer Than You

Celebrities Who Grew Up Poorer Than You September 14, 2017

celebs who grew up poor

    Just like the end of your student loan repayment plan, celebrities are enshrouded in the perfect balance of mystery and over-publicized success. There’s an ethereal, magical quality to their hedonistic lives of luxury that keeps us normals desperately wanting to be in the “know,” wondering how they always seem to be camera-ready while we’re struggling with another breakout of jawline acne. There lives create a perfect parallel to us mere mortals: while we’re in line at the grocery store buying steak sauce to put on our ramen with the quarters we found at the laundromat, somewhere in LA a housekeeper is cleaning Jaden Smith’s bidet.  Of course, not every celeb is born with a silver spoon jammed in their mouth. From the big screen to sold out stadiums shows, it’s surprising to note how many of today’s rich and famous stars had less-than-humble beginnings– and some will definitely shock you.    

    JK Rowling

    celebrities who grew up poor
    celebrities who grew up poor

    The now-billionaire who gave the gift of the “Harry Potter” universe to millions of children and adults alike wrote the first book of the series while struggling as a single mother living on Britain’s breadline. The author admits that times were so tough, she even considered suicide.