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Celebrities Who Promoted Harmful Products

Celebrities Who Promoted Harmful Products July 21, 2020Leave a comment

As influencers, celebrities are always under the magnifying glass for everything they do, and are immediately called out if they ever step out of line. And if they do so on social media, their audience will never let them forget it.

One of the ways they mess up in public is when they try and make some easy cash by endorsing a product that they clearly don't know enough about! Some of these stars had no idea that their products were harmful, and others had no idea that they would be used to advertise a product at all!

Emma Watson: Skin Whitening Product


Emma Watson received some backlash in 2013 after endorsing a product without researching it first. Lancôme used the actor's image to promote a skin lightening product that many people found to insinuate that 'whiteness' is ideal. But, the actress didn't initially know her picture would be in these advertisements, so she has been more careful in the future.

Kim Kardashian: Harmful Scented Crystals

KKW Fragrance

Kim Kardashian thought her KKW Fragrance line would be a major hit. However, the perfume would prove to be a safety hazard. The fragrance consisted of a scent called crystal gardenia which is known to be insidious. Also, FedEx refused to transport it to other countries because of its high alcohol level, meaning it was considered a fire hazard and a safety risk for flights.

Kylie Jenner: Harmful Lip Kit

Instagram / Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner's cosmetic line sparked some issues for customers when her lip kit's ingredients allegedly caused some people to have a serious reaction as well as headaches. One customer even ended up in hospital after she claimed Jenner's lipstick caused her to have a fever and severe nausea.

Amber Rose: Controversial Waist Trainer

Instagram: @amberrose

Amber Rose came under scrutiny after she was spotted various times promoting a beauty regime known as waist training. The goal is to get an hourglass figure by wearing the corset for long periods of time. However, the body suit crams your internal organs together causing acid reflux and sometimes even bruised ribs.

Gwyneth Paltrow: Oil Pulling As Dental Care

Instagram / Gwyneth Paltrow

In 2014, Gwyneth Paltrow promoted the practice of oil pulling, the act of swishing oil around your mouth to whiten your teeth. However, there was no actual scientific evidence that it worked. Dentists worried that people would rely on this method of dental care without visiting a licensed professional.

Kylie Jenner: Chemical Scent From Cosmetics

Stellar Magazine

Kylie Jenner's Royal Peach Palette came under criticism when customers claimed it gave off a strong smell of chemicals like bleach and glue that caused headaches. Jenner's company made a statement that it was the packaging that contained the smell and not the palette itself.

Kristin Davis: War Profiteering Beauty Company

Instagram / Kristin Davis

Kristin Davis got herself into trouble when she signed up to be the spokesperson for Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories. This company came under fire when it became known that their headquarters was located in the Israeli Occupied West Bank, technically making the company war profiteers.

JoJo Siwa: Makeup Contained Asbestos

Instagram / Jojo Siwa

JoJo Siwa, the YouTube sensation, made headlines when she released a kid-friendly makeup line that contained the deadly chemical, asbestos. As her content is targeted at a younger audience, her customers that were affected by her product were essentially all children.

Khloe and Kim Kardashian: Dangerous Diet Drink


Khloe Kardashian teamed up with her sister, Kim to endorse Quick Trim, a weight loss supplement that received so much criticism. The product claimed to detoxify and clean out your system, when really it was just a strong laxative.

Jaclyn Hill: Hair Particles on Lipsticks

Instagram: @jaclynhill/Facebook

Jaclyn Hill is a beauty YouTuber who began her own brand of makeup products called, Jaclyn Cosmetics. In 2019, the makeup artist released a line of lipsticks that contained lumpy textures as well as hairs stuck to them. Hill apologized immediately and claimed that the hair came from the shedding of the manufacturer's gloves.

Gwyneth Paltrow: Harmful Sunscreen

Instagram / Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle store, Goop also came under criticism when Health Canada pointed out that her brand of sunscreen was sold untested and didn't have the appropriate licensing. Apparently, Paltrow's products didn't meet safety standards and she had to fork out $145,000 in a civil suit.

Kate Middleton: Harmful Rose Hip Oil

Kensington Palace

Kate Middleton claims one of her best beauty regimes is using rose hip oil. Although it works for some people, many have suffered negative skin reactions from using the oil on their skin.

50 Cent: Sugar Filled Vitamin Water


50 Cent endorsed a seemingly healthy drink packed with vitamins and nutrients that promised to taste great. However, the Vitaminwater actually contained just as much sugar as a can of Coke. You might as well just drink water, right?

Kylie Jenner: Dangerous Abrasive Facial Scrub

Kylie Skin

Kylie Jenner released a facial exfoliator, Walnut Scrub that received some backlash for being downright dangerous. Jenner claimed her scrub was gentle when really it created micro tears in her customer's skin and was essentially way too harsh.

Kim Kardashian: Appetite Suppressing Lollipops

Flat Tummy Co

The Kardashian clan are known for their makeup brands, fragrance lines and the fact that they never pass off an opportunity to endorse a product for some cash. Kim Kardashian came under fire after she promoted a quick fix appetite suppressing lollipop for loosing weight that sent a harmful message to her followers about body image.

Nicki Minaj: Harmful Detox Tea

Instagram: @nickiminaj

Nicki Minaj got into some hot water when she endorsed a quick, cheap and easy tactic to loose weight, Teatox. This detox drink promised to clean out your digestive system but really it's just a harmful laxative that doctors warn people not to drink.

Jessica Alba: Moldy Baby Wipes

Instagram / Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba set up her own business, The Honest Company with a focus on producing safe products for children and their parents. However, the actor's company got it completely wrong when their baby wipes received a major mold complaint. Her sunscreen line also landed her in a lawsuit after it lacked the correct amount of SPF and left customers getting burnt.

Gisele Bündchen: Claimed Sunscreen Was Dangerous


Gisele Bündchen was criticized after she claimed that "sunscreen was bad for you" and referred to it as "poison" in an effort to promote her own brand of all natural skincare products, Sejaa. When people called her out on her statement, she defended herself by saying that she meant that her products don't contain any SPF.

Jeffree Star: Moldy Lipstick


Jeffree Star is one of the internet's highest paid YouTubers. He released his own cosmetic line that shocked customers when they opened the package. Customers reportedly found mold and hair in their recently purchased products, causing Star to apologize and assure a safer quality of makeup in the future.

Cardi B: Unhealthy Detox Tea

Instagram: @iamcardib

Cardi B also promoted a detox tea that is considered to have a harmful dose of laxatives. The recording artist even got into a Twitter beef with English actor Jameela Jamil for promoting the damaging teatox to young girls saying, "I hope all these celebrities **** their pants in public, the way the poor women who buy this nonsense upon their recommendation do."

Blac Chyna: Dangerous Diet Pills

Instagram: @blacchyna

In an Instagram post that has since been deleted, Blac Chyna posted a before and after photo of a random woman from London who had clearly lost weight with the caption, "Interested in getting these 8 week results? Just go follow @weightgone2018." The reality star was called out for using a stranger's photos to promote harmful diet pills.

Demi Lovato: Weight Loss Detox Ad on Instagram

Instagram / Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato once wrote in an Instagram post that she was undertaking a 30 day detox challenge to help with her bloating and get rid of toxins. However, since posting this ad, the singer received some criticism. For someone who preaches body positivity, fans were enraged that she promoted a product which is known to dangerously clean your body out. The post has since been deleted.

Kat Von D: Controversial Beauty Product Names

Instagram / Kat Von D

Makeup mogul and reality star, Kat Von D teamed up on a lipstick shade that caused an outrage amongst customers. The collaborators thought it was a great idea to name one of their lipsticks, 'Underage Red.' It seemed nobody thought this was an inappropriate label and rightly so, people were unhappy with the use of its poor connotations.

Scott Disick: Harmful Weight Loss Supplements

Instagram / Scott Disick

In 2019, Scott Disick posted an ad on his Instagram which has since been deleted, endorsing weight loss supplement pills. Fans were quick to judge the star for promoting harmful products in order to make a quick buck!

Melania Trump: Misleading Beauty Products


Melania Trump is another celebrity that sold some unreliable products. Her skincare line came under fire when she tried to sell very pricey face cream, Caviar Complexe, claiming it was packed with the finest caviar as one of its ingredients. However, this was over-exaggerated and her skincare line fell through due to some behind the scenes drama.