Celebrities Who Have Admitted to Struggling With Addiction

Celebrities Who Have Admitted to Struggling With Addiction March 14, 2018

celebrity drug addiction

    What is it about fame that puts stars at risk for drug dependency? Is it the free time plus disposable income? Or that there’s no one to say no? Maybe it’s a mix of exhibitionism and insecurity. Or maybe drugs are just more available to famous people. Seems like the answer for most celebrity drug addicts is a mix of all of the above. Because it’s also a lot more complicated than any one of those pat answers can provide. And addiction affects every segment of society, not bothering to discriminate against the rich, poor, young, old, famous, infamous, or unknown. So here’s a list of celebrities who have struggled with substance abuse. And while a lot of these stories end in tragedy, there are also those that show there’s hope for recovery.

    Demi Lovato

    celebrity drug addiction
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    Addiction runs in Demi’s family, and in her 2017 documentary Simply Complicated, the ‘Sorry, Not Sorry’ star opened up about those struggles saying, “I was either craving drugs or on drugs”. With the help of friends and family the former child star has put her trials and tribulations behind her, hopefully for good.