Charlie Puth And Lea Michele Were Secretly Dating And We Had No Idea

Emily Gadsby
Charlie Puth dating Lea Michele
(Photo: Getty Images)

Singer-songwriter Charlie Puth must be as gifted at stealth as he is at churning out chart-topping singles, because the “Attention” singer managed to date Lea Michele while keeping their romance a total secret. With camera phones as common as sidewalk gum, every bystander on the street has the potential to turn into a sudden paparazzo, snapping pics of celebs as they try to keep first-dates and subtle handholding on the DL. 

The 25-year-old recently admitted to hooking up with the 31-year-old “Glee” superstar this year during an appearance on “Capital Breakfast.” During a game show-styled “Trick or Treat” segment, Puth agreed to answer all of host Roman Kemp’s questions with complete honesty, or else pay the steep price of having his personal cellphone number revealed. (Unfortunately for hardcore #Puthers the star decided that in this case, honesty really was the best policy.)

When Kemp asked the final question, “Which celebrity have you been on dates with that we don’t know about?” Puth was quick to respond, “Lea Michele. Done.” The singer couldn’t help but congratulate himself with a few claps after dodging the swift bullet of another iPhone disaster, surely sweating over his recent FaceTime flub with rumored GF Danielle Campbell.

While the two were pictured sharing dinner together in May at Craig’s restaurant in Los Angeles, the rumor mill sputtered to a stop when there were no followup public appearances.

Now that the “One Call Away” singer confirmed that they were a definite item, fans are furious that they didn’t enjoy #Puchele while they had the chance.

Some ‘shippers even took to Twitter to vent their frustration: 

It looks like the spark between the two celebs has fizzled out for good, as Michele has been linked to clothing mogul Zandy Reich since July and the couple is still going strong.

R.I.P. #Puchele, we hardly knew ye.