Chloe x Halle Are Going To Absolutely SLAY Their Coachella Set And I’m Beyond Here For It

Emily Gadsby
Chloe x Halle are going to slay their coachella set
(Photo: Getty Images)

Watch out world, Chloe x Halle are grown now — and ready to hit up Coachella. 

After Beyoncé herself stumbled across the Atlanta-based contemporary R&B sibling duo serving up fire covers of her own top hits on YouTube, Queen Bey signed them to her Parkwood Entertainment label and catapulted their careers from the bedroom to the big stage. Riding on the success of their recently released debut album, “The Kids Are Alright,” Chloe x Halle announced an upcoming Coachella performance and fans freaked out at the promise of 10 days’ worth of flower crowns and ethereal pop vibes. 

The duo, comprised of 18-year-old Halle and 19-year-old Chloe, isn’t shy about the gravity of landing a set at the famed festival, taking to Twitter to hype fans up about their upcoming performance. 

“. is less than two weeks away and we cannot wait to play you guys our new music!! what do you wanna hear us play off ?? 💕,” tweeted the duo, prompting their fans to sound off in the comments with track requests.

“Beyoncé and her team are doing a phenomenal job with Chloe x Halle!! Gonna be in a major tv hit show, performing at Coachella, their style is INSANE!” wrote one stan of Bey’s on-trend protégés. “My moneys on them as future music icons.”

TBH, if Chloe x Halle DON’T secure the bag as the new Brandy-meets-Rihanna vibe of 2018, it’ll defy all logical explanation. With Bey’s personal propaganda machine, consistent social media slayage, certified #UltraWoke status, and their own “Grown-ish” sitcom side hustle propelling them forward, there’s no doubt that they’ll slay the Coachella stage just as they have done with everything else on their come-up.