Cole Sprouse Revealed The Best Way To Slide Into His DMs And Fans FREAKED Out

Emily Gadsby
Cole Sprouse revealed the best way to slide into his DMs
(Photo: @colesprouse / Twitter)

It’s no secret that “Riverdale” star Cole Sprouse is the undisputed king of connecting with his fans on social media. 

Fusing his quirky brand of off-color humor with a streak of self-depreciation that is all too rare within the exclusive social circles of his Hollywood peers, Sprouse continually chips away at the definition of “celebrity.” Making himself both relatable and human in the social media vacuum of airbrushed selfies and staged glamor shots, the 25-year-old actor has successfully elevated his boy-next-door appeal to an impossible height–and fans can’t get enough. 

Consistent with his pattern of serving up ground-breaking tweets, Sprouse sent his fans into a frenzy once more by revealing exactly what he looks for when sifting through his DMs. 

“If you don’t jam to Dave Matthews, wear boat shoes, and aren’t holding a fish in your profile pic- don’t even TRY to slide into a dm,” wrote Sprouse.

To up the intensity of Sprouse’s how-to guide for social media thirst traps, the actor’s “Riverdale” co-star Casey Cott inserted himself into the center of the action by replying to the tweet with a picture of himself holding a fish (of course).

Captioning the reply with a line from the Dave Matthews Band hit track “Ants Marching,” Cott couldn’t keep himself from shooting his shot, knowing that he met Sprouse’s tough criteria. 

Desperate for the “Riverdale” star to take note of their DMs, stan Twitter exploded with a number of romantic hopefuls eager to stand out. 

With this new insight, we’re betting Sprouse’s rumored beau Lili Reinhart knows her way around a fishing pole.