Bhad Bhabie’s Surprisingly Mature Response to XXXTentacion’s Murder

Emily Gadsby
Danielle Bregoli responds to XXXTentacion's murder
(Photo: @bhadbhabie / Instagram)

Danielle Bregoli, aka Bhad Bhabie, is finally ready to show the world the soft underbelly of her tough-as-nails persona. Rising to fame as a a scrappy, thin-browed troubled teen who eagerly riled her haters up with a call for them to “cash [her] outside,” Bregoli crafted her entire image around just how hard she was. By smashing expectations of how a young teen should behave with her explicit vocabulary and, at times, off-putting precociousness, the “Hi Bich” rapper crafted an empire by capitalizing on the shock value of her sudden fame. 

Unfortunately, only an event as tragic as the murder of her industry mate and close friend, rapper XXXTentacion, could prompt Bregoli to drop her guard and show the world that there’s more to her than just a spiky exterior. 

Danielle Bregoli responds to XXXTentacion’s murder

Speaking to TMZ, Bregoli dished on how the passing of her close friend and mentor made her think differently of the “online troll” persona she once promoted. 

“I feel like, as much as we’re going to miss him and everything, we just need to take this and it needs to be a wake-up call to all these 6ix9ines, and Trippie Reds, and all these motherf—ers who want to act all tough and hard, and then when people really get a hold of them, it’s not funny anymore,” Bregoli said, fighting back tears as she discussed the death of the “Moonlight” rapper. 

“We lost X because of this, because people want to act all big and bad. Is this what y’all needed? Do you understand this is real life, this is not no f—ing video game?” the 15-year-old rapper added before pausing to reflect on how the tragedy would impact her own life moving forward.

Not only is Bregoli a chart-topping rapper who knows how to market her talent with such finesse that her meme-based claim to fame is nothing but a memory, she’s a true artist who isn’t afraid to call out industry bullshit for what it is.