Did Demi Lovato Actually Bully K-Pop Boy Band BTS At The 2017 AMAs?

Emily Gadsby
Did Demi Lovato Actually Bully K-Pop Boy Band BTS
(Photo: Getty Images)

It’s the question plaguing the post-celebratory glow of the 2017 AMAs: Did Demi Lovato actually bully K-pop boy band BTS?

With the way that the international seven-member sensation BTS slayed the AMAs, it’s difficult to imagine that a fellow award-show attendee would throw serious shade at the seven rising stars. Even more surprising,  the alleged hater is none other than social justice advocate Demi Lovato who actually used her platform at the televised event to raise awareness about the harmful effects of bullying. 

Lovato performed her smash single “Sorry Not Sorry” just after preaching to the packed crowd to “rise above, and never say sorry for who you are.” 

As seen in the bottom left of the above snippet, BTS was clearly digging Lovato’s message and couldn’t keep from dancing in their seats and singing along with the pop star. 

While the supergroup was busy fanboying over Lovato’s jaw-dropping performance, Twitter was cooking up some serious (and imagined) beef between the BTS and the “Confident” hitmaker. 

Allegedly, the pop star made some extremely problematic and xenophobic remarks about the Korean boy band’s first stateside performance: 


With statements like “we should only celebrate AMERICAN artists tonight” and “BTS doesn’t deserve the spotlight tonight” littering the #BTSxAMAs trending hashtag, members of the group’s fanbase (also known as #ARMY) quickly became caught up in the drama.

To any discerning #Lovatic, it’s clear that the star was “pictured” making these comments with actual snaps from the 2015 VMAs and the 2017 EMAs. 

While the singer has yet to publicly comment on the supposed beef, there’s no actual proof that Lovato spewed these hateful remarks- so we wouldn’t advise holding your breath for an unnecessary apology. To further the narrative that Lovato and BTS are soon-to-be-BFFS, the “Skyscraper” singer even added the group’s hit track “DNA” to her Spotify playlist. 

So holster those Twitter fingers and back off on the imaginary drama- there’s nothing but love between these eight artists embracing the praise for their craft at the 2017 AMAs.