Where Are They Now? Disney Channel Stars

Where Are They Now? Disney Channel Stars February 23, 2017

Back in the day, there was really nothing better than getting home from school and watching a Disney Channel marathon of Even Stevens or Phil of the Future while secretly wishing you could do that whole Mickey-ears-thing with the wand (you know exactly what we’re talking about). Alas, those days are long gone – and even though the world is basically one big dumpster fire right now, we can at least hold on to those memories. Check out where some of the your favorite Disney Channel stars are now!

Hilary Duff

IMAGE BY: @hilaryduff / Instagram

After Lizzie McGuire ended in 2004, the actress launched her music career with a Christmas-themed album titled Santa Claus Lane and eventually recorded her critically acclaimed sophomore album, Metamorphisis. She went on to star in movies like A Cinderella Story, Cheaper By the Dozen 1 & 2, and some independent films, like War, Inc. The 29-year old married professional hockey player Mike Comrie (they're since divorced) and has a 4-year old son, Luca. She returned to music in 2014 with her fifth studio album, Breathe In. Breathe Out. She currently stars in the hit TV Land series, Younger, as Kelsey Peters. 

Shia LaBeouf

IMAGE BY: @thecampaignbook / Twitter
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...but now we recognize him as the performance artist who watches every single one of his own movies in a theater with strangers for three days straight. After the show ended in 2003, the 30-year old actor went on to star in movies like Disturbia and Transformers, which brought him mainstream success. Unfortunately, Shia is often in the news for his bizarre behavior and/or antics, like when appeared on his neighbor's porch waving a knife after a disagreement. Shia is married to Nymphomaniaci co-star Mia Goth as of October 10, 2016. 

Erik von Detten,

IMAGE BY: Walt Disney Pictures

Erik von Detten, aka everyone's childhood crush, appeared in one of our absolute favorite Disney Channel Original Movies, Brink! Although the actor has undeniably good looks and charisma that could charm a snake, Erik has actually done just as much voice-over work as he has onscreen. IMDB cites Toy Story 3 (he voiced the character of Sid) as his last credited role and no one's really heard from him since. Where is Erik von Detten?!

Riley Smith

IMAGE BY: @rileysmithofficial / Instagram

Well, the good news is, Riley is still super-hot, so he's got that going for him. He's also found steady work as an actor, appearing in multiple made-for-TV movies and shows like Criminal Minds and 24

Ryan Merriman

IMAGE BY: @theryanmerriman / Instagram
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Best known for Luck of the Irish and Smart House, he also appeared alongside The OC star Mischa Barton in Ring of Endless Light, which basically solidified his Disney-stud status. Merriman went on to appear in movies like Final Destination 3 and The Ring 2 and also had a recurring role in the smash hit Freeform series Pretty Little Liars. According to his Instagram account, Ryan is a "country boy, actor, golfer, and dogs lover" -- in that specific order. 

Kirsten Storms

IMAGE BY: @kristenstorms / Instagram

After her Disney days, the 32-year old actress actually became a sort of staple in the soap opera biz, starring in Days of Our Lives from 1999 - 2004 and has starred on General Hospital since 2005. Kristen was briefly married to actor and fellow GH costar Brandon Barash from 2013 - 2016. The couple has an adorable baby girl together. 

Demi Lovato

IMAGE BY: @ddlovato / Instagram

After breaking the girl-next-door-Disney-mold, Demi went through a very public rehab stint for "physical and emotional issues" and actually lived in a sober living facility for a year after. She famously dated That 70s Show alum Wilmer Valderrama for six years, although they broke up in 2016 and is still on that music grind.   

Brandon Baker

IMAGE BY: @brandonbegood / Instagram
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Flash forward to 2017 and he's still a total babe, but hasn't really done any acting since 2013, when he appeared in the movie The Formula. The 31-year old actor also attended the University of California at Santa Barbara, where he studied film and worked mostly behind the camera. 

Selena Gomez

IMAGE BY: @selenagomez / Instagram

After she left Disney, the 24-year old has starred in a ton of popular films, including Another Cinderella Story, Spring Breakers, and The Fundamentals of Caring. She famously dated Hollywood bad-boy Justin Bieber on-and-off for years, and recently went public with her relationship with Bella Hadid's ex, The Weeknd. Selena continues to act and make music and released her most personal album, Revival, in 2015.

Ricky Ullman

IMAGE BY: @ravivullman / Instagram

Although the show ended in 2006, Ricky continued to pursue acting both on screen and on stage. If you take a look at his Instagram, you'll find that he loves posting really weird selfies. 

Zac Efron

IMAGE BY: @zacefron / Instagram
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After playing the role of Troy Bolton for three-plus years, the 29-year old singer and actor appeared in popular movies like 17 Again, Charlie St. Cloud, The Lucky One, and Neighbors 1 and 2. While he remains wildly popular with fans, many of his movies unfortunately haven't done well at the box office -- We Are Your Friends, which was directed by Catfish's Max Joseph and also starred mega-babe Emily Ratajkowski, had one of the worst openings in box office history. 

Cole and Dylan Sprouse

IMAGE BY: @colesprouse / Twitter

The two haven't appeared in any films since 2010, but have multiple business ventures. Cole in an avid photographer, boasting multiple (and hilarious) Instagram accounts, one being all of the outrageous fan art he's recieved and another being an account "dedicated to the people out there who secretly take photos of me, and how I take photos of them first. May the fastest camera win." Dylan is working on opening a bar in Brooklyn (how hip) called All-Wise Meadery, which is set to open its door in the summer of 2017. 

Anneliese van der Pol

IMAGE BY: @anneliesevanderpol / Instagram

Girlfriend took a couple years off acting after the show ended, then threw erself back into acting, grabbing TV and film roles in productions like Vanpires Suck and the That's So Raven spin-off series that's set to appear on Disney Channel (hopefully) this year. 

Steven Anthony Lawrence AKA Beans

IMAGE BY: @NRT_32 / Twitter
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When Even Stevens ended, the 26-year old actor appeared in films such as Cheaper by the Dozen and Kicking and Screaming and has also guest-starred on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Weeds. He also was apparently a guest judge on the show Dance Revolution? That's not even the biggest shocker -- late in 2015, Lawrence was spotted working in Sun Valley, CA as a mall-elf, which kind of catipulted him back into the limelight for a hot second.

Hilary Duff,

IMAGE BY: Disney Channel

Hilary Duff, star of the beloved show Lizzie McGuire, has come a long way since the days of playing a spunky teen girl whose animated alter ego straight-up kept it real.

Riley Smith,

IMAGE BY: Disney Channel

Y'all remember the movie Motorcrossed? You know, the one where the hot blonde girl shaves her head and pretends to be a boy in order to race dirtbikes and Dean, played by mega-hunk Riley Smith, develops a major crush on "him" and it's a little weird how they're all flirting all the time? Yeah, that movie.

Shia LaBeouf,

IMAGE BY: Disney Channel
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We all knew Shia LaBeouf as the loveable and dorky Louis Stevens on the aptly titled Disney Channel original series Even Stevens...

Ryan Merriman,

IMAGE BY: Disney Channel

Is there any Disney Channel Original Movie that this guy didn't appear in?

Kirsten Storms,

IMAGE BY: Disney Channel

Zetus Lapetus! Who could forget Zenon, the quirky and loveable girl of the 21st century?!

Demi Lovato,

IMAGE BY: Disney Channel
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You may know her now as the crooning songstress who can belt out tunes with the best of them, but before Demi rose to international fame as a singer, the 24-year old starred in a few different Disney Channel Originals, like Sonny With A Chance and Camp Rock.

The Jonas Brothers,

IMAGE BY: Disney Channel

The Jonas Brothers were probably the most talked about Disney family of the late 2000s, and not just because so much talent came from one family! Let's be honest, all anyone really cared about back then was the fact that these guys wore purity rings, which have since been (what we're assuming) thrown into the ocean Titanic-style.

The Jonas Brothers

IMAGE BY: @nickjonas / Instagram

The brothers starred in their own Disney show, Jonas, for two seasons and played in a band together (obviously) before splitting up in 2013. Nick transitioned to the Justin Timberlake of the next generation with his sexy solo debut, while Joe fronts the pop-rock band DNCE, and Kevin is married with two children. 

Brandon Baker,

IMAGE BY: Disney Channel
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Who didn't love the movie Johnny Tsunami?! First off, the title is catchy AF. Second, actor Brandon Baker, who starred in the movie, was a total babe.

Selena Gomez,

IMAGE BY: Disney Channel

It's widely-known that Selena kickstarted her acting career on Barney when she was just 5-years old, but the brunette beauty rose to fame as the star of Disney Channel's Wizards of Waverly Place as Alex Russo from 2007 - 2012.

Ricky Ullman,

IMAGE BY: Disney Channel

Phil of the Future was probably one of the most underrated Disney Channel Original Series in the history of the Disney Channel; and Ricky Ullman, aka Phil, was the bae of our dreams.

Zac Efron,

IMAGE BY: Disney Channel
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Zac Efron is one of the most recognizable names to come out of the Disney Channel, and we can all thank the High School Musical trilogy for that!

Miley Cyrus,

IMAGE BY: Disney Channel

Oh, she's just being Miley! The Happy Hippie Foundation founder has had a wild ride since her Disney days!

Miley Cyrus

IMAGE BY: @mileycyrus / Instagram

After starring on the hit series Hannah Montana from 2006 to 2011, the 24-year old singer shocked the world when she debuted a super-edgy, provocative look and caused major scandal when she was recorded smoking salvia and tripping out about a dude who looked like (now-fiance) Liam Hemsworth. The two reconciled their engagement in 2016, and even though Miley makes it well-known that she loves the ganja, girlfriend has definitely mellowed out since her Bangerz days. In fact, she's probably one of the most philanthropic and generous celebs to date. 

Cole and Dylan Sprouse,

IMAGE BY: Disney Channel
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Disney Channel's beloved twins are just as precious now as they were when they starred on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody from 2005 - 2008!

Anneliese van der Pol,

IMAGE BY: Disney Channel

Remember Raven's sidekick in the wildly popular Disney series That's So Raven?

Steven Anthony Lawrence AKA Beans,

IMAGE BY: Disney Channel

And finally, who could forget everyone's favorite Disney nuisance, Beans?