Dylan Sprouse’s Long-Awaited Return To The Big Screen Will Seriously Creep You Out

Emily Gadsby
Dylan Sprouse Dismissed
(Photo: The Orchard Movies)

While his twin brother and former “Suite Life” co-star is staying in the headlines with his brooding portrayal of Jughead on “Riverdale,” Dylan Sprouse has enjoyed his time out of the spotlight. Graduating from NYU in 2015, Sprouse revealed in a now-deleted Instagram post that he didn’t swear off his craft forever, he just wasn’t intrigued by any fresh roles. Until now. 

“The project that I do next needs to be good or the character needs to be something different from what I’ve done before, so for now I’m just auditioning until that kind of thing comes along,” he said.  

Following his work on the movie “Carte Blanche” which is now in post-production with a 2018 release date, Sprouse lent his talents to “Dismissed,” another indie film. With its upcoming release date, the film’s production company started shoveling coal into the hype train with the release of a creepy new trailer. 


In the film, Sprouse stars as Lucas Ward, a high schooler with some serious “new kid in town meets psychopathic perfectionist” vibes. This new turtleneck-wearing former child star reveals he’ll do anything for the perfect grade- including stalking, harassing, and scaring his teachers with  his murderous, flich-and-I’ll-kill-you glares.

Sprouse plays the Harvard-bound, nightmarish teenager to perfection, delivering chilling lines like “I always find a book that much more compelling when a character stands to lose… everything” with unblinking eye contact.

Watch the full trailer for “Dismissed” below and be sure to check out the horror flick on all digital platforms and on-demand video Nov. 21.