YouTube’s Elle Mills Drops Bombshell Video Revealing Things “So Strong They Cannot Be Repressed”

Emily Gadsby
Elle Mills came out as bisexual
(Photo: @elle.mills / Instagram)

The LGBTQ+ community has gained one hilariously original comedy vlogger after famous YouTuber Elle Mills came out as bisexual. The Canadian viral sensation took a break from her usual lighthearted, laugh-until-you-cry videos to address feelings that have been “an elephant in the room” for a long time.

Mills stayed true to her over-the-top and creative style in the video, splashing the screen with dozens of comments posted by fans curious about her sexuality including questions like: “Is Elle gay? I’ve been wondering for a while and I don’t know if she’s come out or anything?” and “My gay-dar is going off the charts, does she have a girlfriend?”

After dropping the emotional bombshell on her closest friends by asking them to draw a picture of her crush (FYI, they all imagined her crush to be male) the social media star, bolstered by the outpouring of love and acceptance was finally confident enough to come out to her family members. Before the big reveal, Mills pivoted into the biggest deviation from her usual comedy-centered content to date and launched into a tearful confessional.

“I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little scared,” she said. “Growing up, there’s always been a negative undertone about the LGBTQ+ community. I’m scared that my relationships with the people in my life right now are gonna be different. People are going to look at me differently.”

“Certain family members and friends won’t want to be friends with me the way they used to be,” Mills continued. “It’s like I have this heavy weight on my chest. I just want to be able to like someone and be able to tell my mom or my other friends. It’s kind of hard for me because I’m such a surface level person and I don’t like talking about my feelings and it’s very hard for me to open up to someone.”

True to her style, Mills then finally made the leap to come out as bisexual to those closest to her by wrapping the outside of her house in rainbow wrapping paper. 

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Wrapped in a comforting and tearful embrace by her mother, Mills then re-introduced herself as bisexual to her nearly 700,000 subscribers and ended the vlog on an uplifting note. 

Mills’ big reveal was met with unwavering support by other famous members of the YouTube community including James Charles, Logan Paul and Alex Lange. 

Need your dose of feel-good content for the day? Watch the full video below:

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