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Forgotten Pop Stars Of The ’00s: Then And Now

Forgotten Pop Stars Of The ’00s: Then And Now June 12, 2018

forgotten pop stars of the '00s

    Who are the most iconic but forgotten pop stars of the ’00s?

    The ’00s were perfect. From the matching his-and-her denim suits to Paris Hilton’s murder in House of Wax, it was peak culture. How can you hate the decade that gave us Kelly Clarkson? You can’t. But, more than anything else, music defines the era. I’m talking about Beyonce going solo, Eminem losing himself, and Britney going toxic. But not every pop star of the 00s is as fondly remembered as the decade’s biggest hitters. For every Christina Aguilera, there are 10 popstars who burned bright, but sizzled out quickly. This doesn’t mean we loved them any less! So join us as we look at the era’s biggest stars, who you maybe haven’t thought about in years. And we’ll also look at where these forgotten pop stars of the ’00s are now.

    Amerie: Then

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    Amerie is best known for her international chart hit ‘1 Thing’, which peaked at number 8 on the Billboard Top 100. But in the 00s, Amerie was kind of everywhere. She was in First Daughter alongside decade-heavyweight Katie Holmes. She was also on the BET show The Center. She was nominated for Grammy’s and her three albums were all relatively large hits, but while some people originally saw her as a rival to Beyoncé’s throne, that didn’t super work out…