G-Eazy Is Trash, And Halsey Is Definitely Better Off Without Him

Emily Gadsby
G-Eazy is trash
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I’m a huge fan of hip-hop, so naturally I won’t go near G-Eazy’s music with a 10-foot pole. Born Gerald Earl Gillum, the Oakland-based rapper is known throughout the community as a beat-stealing, flow-copying poser who drops the N-word with abandon while desperately trying to back up the hard image he spits on wax. With industry greats like Childish Gambino eagerly chomping at the bit to tear G-Eazy down, it’s no surprise that pop/R&B star Halsey finally kicked him to the curb. 

G-Eazy is trash

Despite recording the hit single “Him & I” with his then-girlfriend and spitting bars about staying faithful, G-Eazy proved that he really is just as scummy IRL as he is professionally by stepping out and creeping on the low. 

Thankfully, the “Bad at Love” singer is in a solid, stable place after parting ways from an industry mate who clearly did not respect her enough to stay faithful to her. Hopping onto Instagram, Halsey posted a pic of her and her pup with the scathing caption, “kiss my dog on the forehead and then kiss ur ass goodbye ✅.”

kiss my dog on the forehead and then kiss ur ass goodbye ✅

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Further confirming his infidelity through a series of cryptic tweets, Halsey let the Twitterverse know that she wasn’t fronting on “Him & I” and that she really is not a woman to mess with.

“Halsey saw him change over time where his attitude wasn’t always Mr. Nice Guy. His attitude wasn’t the most attractive to her anymore,” said a source close to the “Gasoline” singer. “He acted more like a tough guy rather the romantic and sincere guy she fell in love with. It felt like he was taking her for granted and she just had enough of it.”

With his discography chock-full of misogynistic slams directed toward the women that he hooks up with, the real mystery here is uncovering why Halsey linked up with such a trash bag in the first place.