Gaten Matarazzo And Noah Schnapp Dish On Their Craziest, Creepiest Encounters With “Stranger Things” Fans

Emily Gadsby
Gaten Matarazzo and Noah Schnapp discuss uncomfortable fan interactions
(Photo: Getty Images)

Rocking hair that was surely styled with Faberge Organics shampoo and four puffs of Farrah Fawcett spray, a camera-ready Gaten Matarazzo joined “Stranger Things” co-star Noah Schnapp on the 2018 SAG Awards red carpet.  Stopping to chat with Variety about the overzealous fanbase behind their smash-hit Netflix series, the two teen actors dished on the most uncomfortable fan interactions they’ve faced during their time in the spotlight.

When asked about to reveal the craziest interaction he experienced with an “enthusiastic” fan, Matarazzo didn’t hesitate to dish about the time he was licked by a complete stranger.

“I had someone go to shake my hand like this,” he said, while recreating the scene with Schnapp. “And then he shook my hand, he pulled it up and then licked like this,” said Matarazzo, thankfully only mimicking the wet handshake with his co-star. 

The 15-year-old also revealed that the obsessed fan then went on to request a picture with the star. Uncomfortable with the encounter, Matarazzo admitted he escaped as quickly as possible. 

“I think I’d better go,” he said. “That’s not healthy.” 

Following suit, Schnapp then mentioned an instance where a fan actually followed him into the bathroom and attempted to get his attention while he was relieving himself. 

“One time I was in the bathroom like, peeing in a urinal and then the guy just came over,” he said. “I think he followed me into the bathroom…and then he just tapped me on the shoulder. I was like, ‘Oh! Uh, I’m peeing right now.’ And then he asked for a picture. It was a little awkward,” continued Schnapp, laughing at the uncomfortable memory. 

Between sexualizing the teen actors and violating their personal space, it looks like “Stranger Things” super fans need a lesson in appropriate behavior when interacting with their favorite celebs.