“Glam Masters” Recap: 4 More Competitors Face Off (Literally) For A Shot At The Semifinals

Emily Gadsby
Glam Masters episode 3 recap
(Photo: Glam Masters episode 3 recap)

This week’s set of challenges on “Glam Masters” tested competitors Mallory Cornelison, Lauren Urasek, Gabriela Cardenas, and Vic Brocca on their abilities to waterproof their looks and experiment with florals and a stunning rainbow palette. Judged by the undisputed demigods of glam, the four competitors holstered their brushes in preparation for a nail-biting, elimination-style literal face-off for the chance to join Argenis and Glamzilla in the semifinals and take one step closer to claiming the coveted grand prize.


For the first “Express Your Selfie” challenge, the contestants were charged with creating a bold, brilliant look using all seven colors of the rainbow. “Rainbow brights were all over the runways … I want you to think fashion with this, not kiddie rainbows — and not too face-painty,” said judge Zanna Roberts Rassi, Marie Claire senior fashion editor and co-founder of Milk Makeup.

After the four competitors debuted their looks, judges Mario Dedivanovic, Kandee Johnson, Roberts Rassi, and Laverne Cox unanimously decided that Cornelison’s impeccable blending skills set her a stroke above the other three contestants. 

While Urasek’s Picasso-inspired line play and Brocca’s color-popping skull barely demonstrated enough of a skill set to avoid elimination, Cardenas was sent packing due to her messy blending and smudged shade definition. 

For the second challenge, the remaining three competitors were charged with amping up the glam to create a beautiful editorial look using one of today’s hottest trends: florals. Urasek’s editorial background shone through as she delivered a floral look fitting of the Met Gala red carpet by blocking her model’s eyes with beautifully shaped hydrangea petals. 

Unfortunately for Cornelison, the judges decided that her haphazardly placed daisy petals were enough to prove that her glam had not been mastered. Plucked from the competition, the beauty blogger was sent packing amid a sea of tears and well-wishes. 

For the final makeup mashup challenge, remaining competitors Brocca and Urasek were challenged to think quickly on their feet and create an avant-garde look inspired by one of three elements: earth, air, or fire. The hook? The entire look had to be waterproof. 

While both looks stood up to the water test, Urasek’s messy lashes proved to be an oversight the judges refused to ignore. Learning she would be joining Argenis and Glamzilla in the semifinals, Brocca couldn’t contain her excitement at inching closer to a game-changing collaboration with Kim Kardashian. “I’m so happy I can’t even explain! I think that my passion really helped me win,” said Brocca. “I’m just so excited to compete again and become the glam master.”


“Glam Masters” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime.