“Glam Masters” Finale Recap: 4 Finalists Clash Mascara Wands To See Who Will Be Crowned THE Glam Master

Emily Gadsby
Glam Masters finale recap
(Photo: Lifetime)
“Glam Masters” finale recap

It’s here, beauty bitches.

The final episode of Kim Kardashian and Diana Madison’s beauty brainchild “Glam Masters” took its final form, as the remaining four contestants, armed with little more than mascara wands and setting powder, decided who would become THE Glam Master. 

Quaking with a combination of nerves, excitement, and collagen injections, the four finalists — Alexx Mayo, Vic Brocca, Julia Dantas, and Argenis Pinal — stood in front of judges Kandee Johnson, Zanna Roberts Rassi, Laverne Cox, and Mario Dedivanovic as the grand prize collaboration with Kim Kardashian/KKW Beauty dangled in front of their faces. 

Ditching the usual “Express Your Selfie” challenge, the remaining four competitors brought their A-games to the slay game and created their own signature looks on a series of high-profile models.

While Dantas’ cheetah hybrid, Brocca’s diamond skull, and Mayo’s dewy skin proved to fall short in the judges’ search for perfection, Pinal’s comic-styled pop art squeaked above the rest of the competition to curry instant favor. Unfortunately, as Dantas soon discovered, taking a risk doesn’t ALWAYS pay off, and she was sent packing to resume her life as a small-town Canadian country girl with a taste for big-city glam. 


Fashion designer and “Project Runway” star Michael Costello made a surprise appearance as a guest judge for the next high-fashion challenge. For the first time in “Glam Masters” history, each competitor modeled their on-face slayage after a high-profile couture garment.

The competition heats up

Serving up a look that popped on the “Glam Masters” runway, Mayo soon secured a spot in the final competition and a seat on Costello’s #GlamSquad for New York Fashion Week 2019 with his eye-catching, playful twist on light and shadow. Clashing brushes one final time, Mayo and Pinal then attempted to showcase the starting points for their hopeful future collabs with industry titan Kim Kardashian.

With the way Kandee Johnson salivated over Mayo’s metallic and vinyl lip, I was certain Pinal’s neon pop art would fall short. Thankfully, as Pinal is my second-favorite contestant (shoutout to Glamzilla as my number one since day one), his playful use of color was enough to wow the glitterati of glam.

In what was both a beat face and a business pitch, Argenis Pinal proved worthy of writing his name in makeup history as THE Glam Master.

YAS Pinal! I knew you could do it!