“Glam Masters” Recap: 4 More Contestants Beat Their Faces For A Shot At The Semifinals

Emily Gadsby
Glam Masters recap
(Photo: Lifetime)

As “Glam Masters” barrels toward its semifinals, one thing is clear: The difficulty and originality behind the contestant-created artistry is on an exponential rise to the very top of makeup’s own Mount Olympus. This week, Julia Dantas, Jessy Clark, Miguel Ghalichi, and La Demi served their best looks and battled it out for a shot at joining past winners Argenis, Glamzilla, Vic Brocca, and Alexx Mayo in the semifinals. 

Judged by key players in the beauty world, the four competitors were first tasked with serving up a fantasy-freckled selfie worthy of being critiqued by Kandee Johnson, Zanna Roberts Rassi, Laverne Cox, and Kim Kardashian’s personal makeup guru, Mario Dedivanovic

While it’s clear that Clark missed the memo about being humble and counting her blessings on her way to amassing 100,000 followers on social media, her bravado only made her fall that much harder for the first “Express Your Selfie” challenge. 

“Everybody’s got something that they’re not strong in,” said Clark. “I don’t. If there’s something that I don’t know, I’ll learn it immediately. I’m that good.”

Slapped with the harsh criticism that her makeup looked like it was done by a child (who tf draws a BOW on their face and then jokes that Kim K would wear it on the street?), Clark was sent packing at the conclusion of the first round.

For the second challenge, Dantas, Ghalichi, and La Demi were tasked with creating their own unique glam superhero with a high-fashion editorial twist. La Demi brought the heat with her powerful look that captured the essence of her own personal superhero, her father. While it was clear that Ghalichi knew his way around a tube of glitter, he failed to show the judges that his grunge-chic superhero could hold her own on the streets of Gotham while flaunting her flawless complexion and on-trend cat eye. 

With just La Demi and Canadian country bumpkin Julia Dantas left, the competition amped up the glam by tasking the two remaining contestants with delivering a truly ageless look — while beating the faces of two mature models. 

Both artists succeeded in breathing some life into their aging canvases, but ultimately La Demi’s misplacement of bold false eyelashes cost her a seat in the semifinals. With not a dry eye in the room, La Demi was sent packing after it quickly became clear that her glam had not been mastered.

Lashes off to Dantas for advancing to the next round and earning the chance to compete against fellow Canadian and fan favorite #Glamzilla.

“Glam Masters” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime.