Hailey Baldwin Deleted All Pictures Of Shawn Mendes From Instagram Because Justin Bieber Is Insecure AF

Emily Gadsby
Hailey Baldwin deleted all pictures of Shawn Mendes from Instagram
(Photo: Hailey Baldwin deleted all pictures of Shawn Mendes from Instagram)

If you’re a #Shailey fan looking for proof that Shawn Mendes and Hailey Baldwin were once an item, here it is. Shortly after Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez pulled the plug on their romance (for real this time, they swear), the “Sorry” singer rekindled his relationship with Baldwin in a series of PDA-heavy outings that made #Jelena fans around the world tend to their broken shipper hearts. 

Now she’s enjoying the honeymoon phase of her romance with the Biebs (Part 2). And she’s served up a fresh batch of social media drama by deleting all traces of rumored ex-boyfriend Shawn Mendes from her Instagram feed. 

Hailey Baldwin deleted all pictures of Shawn Mendes from Instagram

Baldwin was very clear in stating that she and Mendes were just friends even though he’s “super lovely and a very, very nice young gentleman.” But fans of the pairing couldn’t ignore that the duo seemed VERY comfortable in one another’s company. 

Adding further fuel to the fire? Baldwin made the classic “erase all traces of your ex from social media when you find a new man” move by completely deleting Mendes from her Instagram account. Come on, Baldwin. If you two were just friends, why would you need to scrub him off your social media? Why pretend all those one-on-one outings never happened?

Bieber has a history of being controlling AF and making his exes insecure and uncertain of their own self-worth. So it’s obvious that Bieber pushed his new partner to cut off her former boyfriend for good. He’s still recovering from his failed romance with Gomez and recognizing that his relationship with Baldwin is on shaky ground following their first breakup in 2016. So it’s not surprising that he’s making sure no one stands in his way this time. 

Bieber’s just exhibiting the same gross behavior he’s been spewing throughout his years-long tenure on the music circuit. It’s no surprise the mega-rich, entitled brat is making sure no one claims what’s “his.”